Antonio Ferraro

Western Australian All-Round Weightlifting
Vice-President 2008/09 – BSAWA President 2009

“Henry took me for a 1hr training session and taught me more in that 1hr than i learnt in the 3 yrs prior.”

Jonas Curic

West Australia State & Perth Blitz Wide Receiver

“…Have increased explosive speed and strength. Added minimum 60kg to any lift and dropped 1.5 seconds on 40 yard dash… after 3 knee reconstructions….. Body weight now 82kgs from an original 69kg”

Morgan Beard

Personal Trainer

“Henry’s vast experience and enthusiasm has helped take my training to the next level”

Alex Roberts

East Fremantle WAFL – Cert IV Personal Trainer – University Student

“…my lifts increased dramatically with the motivation and assistance from fellow members. I could never go back to training at a regular gym without all the specialist equipment…”

Corey Millar

CAPO Powerlifter – Performance Specialist

“This place has made me both physically and mentally stronger than I once thought possible.”

Damien Eyre

Swimming – W.A State Record Holder & 2011 National Champ

“Culture is the key ingredient in ANY place and the Muscle Pit has the right culture….accepting, encouraging, motivating and everyone is willing to offer advice and/or their time to help you achieve your goals”

Clifford Gilmore

CAPO Powerlifter
I.S.S.A Sports Nutrition Certification
I.S.S.A Strength and Conditioning Certification

“Home to some of hungriest and enthusiastic trainees I’ve seen in this state, not just the guys who want to bench-press over 300kg either! There is no bull-shit here… What you are going to get is some of the best advice in your life, for free.”

Stephen Ramsay

CAPO Powerlifter
WPC Australian Masters Record Holder

“Henry and the people training at the gym know how the three core lifts (squat, bench and deadlift) are properly performed and are willing to take the time to show you….The Muscle Pit has the necessary bars and equipment required to transform your lifts. People yell encouragement when you’re trying to beat your personal bests”

Paul MacManus

IPF Powerlifter
Australian Representative

“The increase in my lifts would not have been possible without the support of the other members at the Muscle Pit, especially Henry Day and Alan Scherini.”


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