I’ll be straight up – this place is not for everyone.

Muscle Pit is a no frills gym that houses a team of like-minded goal oriented individuals.

The atmosphere is competitive and as such it will force you to achieve beyond your initial expectations both physically & mentally.

We share our collective knowledge; we have the artillery & we have a support network that is proven.

That said we are selective on who we let join – We want people that are team orientated, have a strong work ethic, a hunger to learn & a burning desire to be the best they can.

“I don’t give a toss how strong you are today, as long as you are 100% committed to getting stronger” – Henry



  • 2 X Power-racks
  • 2 x Mono-Lifts
  • 1 x ER Rack
  • Reverse Hyper
  • Glute-Ham Machine
  • 45 degree Back Raise
  • 3 x Deadlift Platforms
  • 1 x Mondo Leg Press
  • 3 x Benches
  • 1 x Supported Row
  • 1 x Seated Row
  • 1 x Lat Pull down
  • 1 x Hip/Glute machine
  • 1 x MPS Hip Thruster
  • 1 x MPS Slider
  • 1 x Torsinator
  • 1 x Stretching Rack


  • 6 x 20Kg Barbells
  • 2 x Safety Squat Bars
  • 1 x Giant Cambered Squat Bar
  • 2 x Rack-able  Cambered Bar
  • 1 x Duffalo Squat Bar
  • 1 x Cambered Bench Bar
  • 1 x Swiss Bar (Fat Grip)
  • 2 x Fat Bars (35kg)
  • 2 x Weightlifting Bar
  • 3 x Texas Deadlift Bar
  • 1 x Trap Bar


  • Dumbells 1KG to 80KG
  • Olympic Weights (Plenty)
  • 1 x Ivanko Calibrated Competition Set
  • 3 x Challenge Calibrated Competition sets
  • Kettle bells 8KG to 40KG pairs

Assistance Equipment

  • 2 x Zercher & Front Squat Harness
  • 1 x Front Squat Harness
  • 1 x Zercher Deadlift Harness
  • 1”, 2”, 3”, 4” Boards x 2 sets
  • Weight Releases
  • Lifting Chains (Plenty)
  • Jump Stretch & Power Bands (Heaps)
  • Rings
  • Battling & Climbing Ropes
  • Tires (Up to 300KG)
  • 2 x Prowlers
  • 3 x Sleds
  • Indian clubs
  • Medicine balls
  • Plyo – Boxes
  • Atlas Stones

There is a heap of other stuff as well but if you can’t get excited with the above lot, Muscle Pit isn’t for you.

The Spend

Memberships – Cash:

  • 12 months – $1300.00*
  • 6 Months – $715.00*
  • 3 Months – $390.00*

Memberships – Direct Debit:

  • 12 Months – $25.00 per week*
  • 6 Months – $27.50.00 per week*
  • 3 months – $30.00 per week*

*New members need to complete a $50.00 strength assessment to establish their starting strength plus complete 3 x $70.00 Technique Sessions covering Squat, Bench and Deadlift.A personalised 9 week Strength Program is included on completion of the technique work. 

24 Responses to About

  1. Patrick Hartnett says:

    I am extremely interested in joining a ]n elite gym here in Perth. Have trained and worked out for many years in Ireland and America. Since my arrival to Australia I have not had the time or facilities to continue my training to the same extent and am eager to commence a new workout regeme.

    • Henry Henry says:

      Hi Patrick, Thanks for the message. Always happy to talk to people who are keen to train. If you’d like to catch up for a chat & a look at our traing facility just give me a call on 0401 579 419 to arrange a time.
      Cheers… Henry

  2. J says:

    Is this gym open 24/7

  3. Spence says:

    Im very keen on joining and getting involved, however whilst I go to the gym often I am nowhere near a power athlete but I am very extremly keen to train and improve myself. Do you also offer PT sessions to assist with my lifting technique etc??

    Cheers, Spence

    • Henry Henry says:

      Hi Spence, Sorry for the late reply.
      Mate, If your keen to train and to get stronger you’ll fit in to this environment and thrive.
      In short we do have PT sessions available to cover technique as well as the odd seminar – our next one will be in August.
      Once you have an understanding of the principals of the techniques we use, the rest will be refined in the gym during training.
      If you’d like to discuss further give me a call on 0401 579 419…. Cheers Henry

  4. Jamie says:

    Very interested in coming in Henry and having a look. Can I just come in or would it be preferable to arrange a time with yourself.

    Many Thanks,


    • Henry Henry says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Thanks for the enquiry.
      Your more than welcome to check us out – just give me a call on 0401 579 419 and we’ll arrange a time.

      Cheers… Henry

  5. Chace says:

    This place looks like heaven. just wonder if you can pay monthly or is it only in what is shown?

  6. wilson khoo says:

    Hi, would like to know the directions to muscle pit from jundaloop. I am a Strongman/powerlifter from Singapore and I will be staying in Perth for a month to complete my sports science degree from Edith Cowan university.

  7. Charity Hohepa says:

    Hi Henry, I was given the name of your gym by the Hi Potency shop in Canningvale(supplement shop). I am wanting to use weights and get stronger. I have done weight training before but would like to restart again.
    Thanks 🙂

  8. Paul says:

    Hi … coming to Perth in late october / early november for about 5 days … I am a serious body builder and have been for a few years…does your gym offer casual rates to accomodate my needs ? Thanks

  9. Drew says:

    How ya going Henry? I am looking to get some training in Olympic lifting? Any chance this gym does some personal training and can show me a few things.

  10. dale says:

    Hey mate im interested in doing some powerlifting but not too sure on what the standards are,in terms of being competitive or how to train properly to power lift

  11. Tom Greig says:

    Hi I currently work away doing 3 weeks away 3 weeks home and wanted to know if u can cater for that I have trained for a couple years and haven’t made as much progress as I would like but am really keen to give it a crack at ur gym

    • Henry Henry says:

      Hey Tom, Thanks for the Message. More than happy to have a chat with you regarding your training and if we are the right fit to help. Please give me a call on 0401579419 if you’d like to discuss further. Cheers Henry

  12. Ann says:

    My daughter Zoe saw the article in the west about the young girl who is a weight lifter. She would like to try out a couple of training sessions to see if she can do this. Can you please advise?
    Thank you
    Ann Payet

    • Henry Henry says:

      Hi Ann,
      Apologies for the late reply in answer to your question regarding competing age for powerlifting competitions.
      Thirteen is the recognised age for records, up until that point children are included as guest lifters.
      I’d be more than happy to sit down and discuss any concerns or questions Zoe may have if she would like to know more.
      We are situated in Cannington and I am contactable on 0401 579 419.

      Cheers Henry

  13. Pontuz says:

    This place looks awesome and a lot like the gym I usually train at back home in Sweden. Just a question about the strengh/technique sessions; are they obligatory or is it possible to skip them if you already are experienced with the exercises?
    Cheers Pontuz

    • Henry Henry says:

      Sorry for such a late reply… The strength test is compulsory as we track all our members numbers to establish speed of development and growth since starting with us. I’ll know from the strength test wether you need the technique work or not. If you are proficient in the 3 lifts – it’ll be your call. That said after spending a little time talking with you it’ll be obvious to both of us if you need them or not. Give me a call on 0401579419 if you’d like to take it further… Cheers

  14. tony says:

    im keen to join but I stay in pinjarra and can only commit to two trainings a week I dont want to be a humbug but i want to make a change I m already paying a gym membership in pinjarra can we arrange something for two or three trainings a week I can pay tweny bux a week keen to train chur bro wish there was strong man gyms in mandurah but yea keen to hear from you bro chur

  15. Matt says:

    Hi – I am very interested in learning more. Is there lock in contracts or is just a weekly debt?


  16. Jacob Graham says:

    Hi my name is Jacob I would be keen to be getting stronger so could you please help me thanks and I want to improve a lot of goals like muscles and six pack abs regards Jacob

  17. Dane says:

    I had to stop training due to a accident. 2 year’s on im fully recovered and now seeking somewhere to help me build my strength back up and just get back into shape. This place sounds like the best motivators. Hope you can help

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