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2016 HULK SMASH Deadlift Competition

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The 2016 West Australian Powerlifting Association (WAPA) season started with a huge roar at the inaugural Hulk Smash Deadlift Competition on Saturday 6th of February courtesy of hosts Heavy Duty Gym in Clarkson. With the sweltering heat this time of year it was decided to run the meet as a twilight concept with the view…

The “MPS POV” – Muscle Pit Highlights in 2015

Muscle Pit Perth's Strongest Gym

After breaking the ice last year and putting together a summary of our team’s achievements at the close of 2014, I’ve been happily surprised that there have been a few requests from members, ex-members and supporters to pen together my thoughts of our gym’s growth and highlights for 2015. DISCLAIMER Now…even though I’m as “Proud…

2015 Wild West Shoot-Out

2015 WWSO - Blog

With the smoke and dust well and truly settled I thought I’d put up a quick report on the 2015 Wild West Shootout (WWS0) held recently in Bunbury (10th October 2015). The Wild West Shootout has now been an annual fixture of West Australian Powerlifting Association (WAPA) calendar since 2010 and was given permanent residence…