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2020 Deadliest Deadlift & Bench

2020 Deadliest Deadlift & Bench

With 3 previous winners of this event in the Men’s section and two well credentialed interstate guest making their debuts at the Deadliest Deadlift and Bench, this was always going to be a hotly contested competition for both male and female divisions. Held for the 13th straight year on the wharf, outside Cicerellos Seafood Restaurant…

Muscle Pit: Strong Breeds Strong

Strong Beers Strong

The Attraction One thing for sure Muscle Pit is not a pretty gym, it’s not a Goodlife, Snap 24/7 or Jerk off Anytime type of gym. In here the summers are hot the winters are cold. The equipment doesn’t shine – the steel here is battered and the platforms are drenched in sweat. So, what’s…

From a Gentle Blow to a Fresh Breeze – Muscle Pit Highlights 2016


With another year rapidly coming to an end and our Awards Night and Xmas Party concluded I thought for those that are genuinely interested it would be an pertinent time to pen a reflection summarising our gym’s growth and team highlights for 2016. Disclaimer: As I state each year since penning these annual summations I…

Frank Lamp – Founder of Australian Powerlifting


89-year-old Frank Lamp is a man many of you that have been involved with the sport of Powerlifting over the last 30 years have never heard of…… and yet this is the man that started Powerlifting here in West Australia in 1972 and along with two others; Yuri Sterns and Bill Keir that same year…

Preview of WAPA’s 2016 Deadliest Deadlift and Bench


The WAPA’s 2016 Deadliest Deadlift and Bench takes place this weekend and this show looks likely to be an absolute ripper. This by far is my favourite comp of the year – based at Mews Park in Fremantle virtually on the steps of Cicerello’s Seafood Restaurant; this outdoor event has proven a winner. The wharf…