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From a Gentle Blow to a Fresh Breeze – Muscle Pit Highlights 2016


With another year rapidly coming to an end and our Awards Night and Xmas Party concluded I thought for those that are genuinely interested it would be an pertinent time to pen a reflection summarising our gym’s growth and team highlights for 2016. Disclaimer: As I state each year since penning these annual summations I…

2016 Mortal Kombat Novice Powerlifting Competition

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One thing for sure is that the sport of Powerlifting in this state is going from strength to strength in both participant numbers and lifting standards. Of the 23 lifters that took the opportunity to participate at WAPA’s first novice Powerlifting competition for 2016; 20 were doing their very first competition. The great thing about…

The 2016 King of the Bench

Blog King Of The Bench

What a day to have an outdoor event!!! With the weather overcast and the consistent fall of light rain, the WAPA 2016 King of the Bench State Championships was held in less than ideal conditions. However despite the weather, 23 competitors stepped onto the platform in front of approximately 200 spectators who huddled together to…

Honouring the Past: Joe MacGowan & Linda Miller

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Prologue One of my core values in life that was instilled in me from an early age was the importance of one’s history; to know your culture & ancestry was paramount in knowing who you are and how you became. Taking pride from your forefather’s achievements as well as acknowledging the mistakes made for future…