Muscle Pit members Corey Millar, Morgan Beard, Stephen Ramsay and Greg Rawlinson made the quest to this year’s Nationals held in Albury NSW.

Corey Millar in his first Nationals placed 3rd overall in the Junior Men’s Raw section. Competing at 82.5kg, his lifts of 190Kg Squat, 127.5kg Bench & 245kg Deadlift now dominate this division at Muscle Pit – No mean feat by the way when you consider the records used to all belong to the Powerlifting “war horse” Alan Scherini.

The all time top ten rankings also got a work over; his deadlift claiming 6th place & his total of 562.5kg saw him nudge his way into 9th position.

Corey looks set for a big future in this sport and I see him in time becoming one of this country’s best lifters once he fills out to a full 100kg’s.

Day two saw both Morgan Beard & Stephen Ramsay competing at 67.5kg division, Morgan Raw & Stephen equipped.

 Morgan’s pet event is the Deadlift & boy what a job he has done with this lift. Each time I have seen him lift he has steadily improved. With arms like liquorice, Morgan pulled a very strong 221kg’s to break the Australian Junior record. This lift saw him rocket into 4th position on the All Time Top 10 list for Deadlifts. Morgan’s other lifts of 150kg squat (also a muscle Pit Record) & 92.5kg bench caped a good showing. It’s quite obvious Morgan’s sites will be firmly set on the Deadlift Comp in December.

Five weeks out from this comp Stephen Ramsay was hit with a back injury that potentially stood to rule him out of this year’s Nationals. However when it comes to mental toughness and consistency of effort Stephen Ramsay is up with the best of them. The program was changed and he continued on the best he could.

The upshot was a clean sweep of his Australian Master Records. He went 235kg Squat, 110kg Bench, 240kg Deadlift and 585Kg Total. It is also worth to note Stephen had a good shot at the world record for his age & weight division with a very close pull of 252.5kg, the attempt just stalling out at his knees.

This now see’s Stephen dominate the Top  10 lists as follows: 1 & 2 on the totals list, 1st & 3rd on the Deadlift list and 2nd & 3rd on the Squat list.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Greg Rawlinson’s contribution to the trip as Greg did the majority of driving, organising and handling of lifters. Big thanks on that front from the whole W.A Team.

Next Comp is on Sunday October the 16th where we will see Andrey Malanichev strut his stuff for the first time on Australian soil…