At the end of the day this sponsorship agreement with Muscle Worx, from my side of the fence, was a “no brainer”. The guy that runs this company Adam Williams has passion for what he’s doing. His knowledge when it comes to nutritional supplementation is excellent and his energy for his business is infectious. 

Personally I feel we will be able to compliment each other’s business’s while accelerating the growth of Powerlifting in this state in a fun way that will encourage increased participation and benefit all our members. 

As most of you know, coming from the Joe Weirder era of crap supplements I’ve never been a fan. However even this “Black Duck” knows that nutritional supplementation has come forward leaps and bounds over the last decade and now plays an integral part in accelerating body composition and sport performance – it’s just a matter of sorting out the crap from the good. 

It is also evident after a spate of posts appeared on FaceBook at 3am in the morning that some of our Crew need a bit of help with correct stacks after run ins with pre-work out supplements 1MR, Jack3d and  N.O Explode etc…. 

For those that aren’t familiar with Muscle Worx, their company is 100% focused on sports nutrition and currently have 6 stores located throughout the metropolitan area: Cannington, Applecross, Floreat, Innaloo, Mount Lawley & Joondalup. 

They stock some of the industry’s best named brands including Animal, Gaspari, BSC, BSN etc.. and will be able to best advise what to take, when to take and  how much to take, to maximise your training & sporting performance. 

As well as an excellent knowledge base to tap into, members will be able to purchase these products at exclusive pricing available only to Muscle Pit Crew during the year. 

Let’s make one thing clear thou, these types of sponsorships we have arranged only work if it is

win – win situation for both parties. So it is imperative that when you can, support all our sponsors as they are the ones that are taking the initiative to invest in you. 

 Stay tuned for a few more exciting announcements soon…. Where on a roll folks…

Cheers… Henry