The first of this year’s 3 lift comps took place at Perth’s Home of Powerlifting, The Muscle Pit.

Named the 2012 Master Blaster, this comps objective was to encourage first time lifters and novices who had to this point not participated in a three lift comp, the opportunity to qualify for this year’s State Championships to be held on Sunday the 27th of May.

With the weather holding up and a toss of the coin, it was decided to contest the event outdoors, (after all you have to be pretty unlucky to get rain in Perth at this time of the year).

A hurriedly assembled crew to administrate & facilitate the comp was put together, after a couple of notable absentees failed to make the day, and to that regard I want to give a big personal thanks to Cheryl Reutens and Ben Taulanga who kept track of the lifting order and MC duties ensuring  things ran smoothly all day.

Big thanks also to our refs & especially the loader/spotters; Powerlifting legend Henning Bark (who was the head ref), WA Strongman Dan Macri, Simon Fary, Alvin Mac, Stephen Ramsay, Jim Ambrose, Greg – (a late withdrawal to the main event due to a hip injury), Abaddon Quinn & Corey Millar who all helped out with minimum fuss to ensure the new lifters to this sport had the best experience possible.

From a promoters perspective it was warming to see an assembled field of 25 enthusiastic participants split into two flights; under 82.5kg and 90kg up, all ready to wage war on the iron.


Women’s Section:

It’s always great to see women breaking the stereo type and lifting weights that actually challenge them.

All three girls that hit the platform can take pride in their performance.

For each of them it was their first three lift comp however for Katy Duncan it was her first comp full stop.

With limited preparation Katy produced a solid effort with a squat of 85kg, Bench of 60kg and deadlift of 112.5kg at a body weight of 67.2kg’s for third place.

Muscle Pit team mates Alisha Rawlinson and Bree Sturges contested first and second with virtually nothing separating them once the glossbrenner formula was applied.

With both girls deadlifting 120kg’s Bree Sturges at the heavier  bodyweight, did just enough in the Bench and Squat to edge out Alisha.

With another 8 weeks to go before this year’s State Champs the women section is hotting up with the likes of Zoe Tchernakoff, Monica Cook and Jaye Thomas waiting in the wings.


Men’s Section

The two most pleasing thing with the Men’s division was firstly the amount of P.R’s recorded and secondly the emergence of some really excellent Powerlifting talent.

The tallest competitor of the day was Daevid Anderon who stands at least 2meters tall scorched out an impressive squat of 175kg, 120kg Bench and went close with a 200kg deadlift. For a guy with his leverages it’s an extremely good effort.

Scott Miller in his first comp was probably one of the gutsiest lifters on the day and just pipped for the best performer award on the day. His effort was 100% finishing with lifts of 150kg Squat, 107kg bench and 200kg on the deadlift

The Rucci boys Dan & Paul also performed well. Dan lifting at 82.5kg’s set the record boards alight with lifts of 170kg squat, 125kg bench, 180kg deadlift & total of 470kg all sub master Australian records.

Paul on the comeback trail after injury enforced layoff due to some back problems highlighted his day with a 200kg deadlift.

The “Cove”trio of Richard Collins, Julian Jones and Aaron Doyle made their presence felt with a solid team performance.

It’s great to see how Powerlifting is bonding the members of this gym together while pushing their own lifting boundries.

Richard Collins led the way with 120kg squat, 85 kg Bench and a 145kg deadlift at a body weight of 66.8kg. It was great to see the gains Richard has made on his Squat in a relatively short time and with a bit of technique work on the other lifts Richard’s total is set to soar.

Aaron Doyle went 8 from 9 attempts and finished with 170kg squat, 132.5kg bench & a PB of 210kg for the deadlift.

The third amigo Julian Jones fired out 185kg squat, 135kg Bench & ripped up a nice 225kg to finish the day.

Muscle Pits Crew all went well, Mark Oakland was solid notching a PB Deadlift of 150kg, Greg Rawlinson is a testament to consistency and he has earned every one of his 125kg squat, 85kg bench and 162.5kg deadlift kilo’s. The story is far too long for here, but well done Greg.

Darren Joy smoked his deadlift PB with it now sitting at 160kg. His form looks great and a lot of credit must go to his coach Ross Semplice. With his technique right it’s now just a matter of strengthening the chain.

Gabor Szivek weighing in at 109.1kg lifted within himself and produced a 220kg squat, 185kg Bench and a 180kg deadlift, with his training ethic I think the state champs are shaping up nicely for him.

New comer to Muscle Pit Devin Sanghavi who’s been under the watchful eye of Stephen Ramsay took to the platform and managed a 90kg squat, 85kg bench & 172.5kg deadlift. I’m pretty sure these numbers will be on the up in the coming months.

Making a sort of comeback is Peter Parsons. Peter has been a state representative in 2008 and has been in a bit of an hiatus, so its great to see him back on the platform. Today he managed to knock out a 185kg Squat, 105kg bench and a 235kgdeadlift.

For determination Terrence Reutens is a 5 star general, this guy at times will push himself so hard I find myself looking for the defibrillator (which is right next to the shovel). He never leaves anything to spare. His second effort at 125kg squat was a gutsy effort considering the first attempt buckled him. His bench of 80kg was solid, and only just missed his lift of 155.5kg on the deadlift.

Backing up from Fit X was Joel McCaughan who lifted well with himself taking 3 attempts he went 200kg squat, 140bench and 230kg squat. Look out for Joel at the states as that is where is focus is.

Also new to the Muscle Pit is Les Milhinch.

Les has been around the strength circles for a few years now predominately doing strongman comps.

He is looking to represent Australia at the end of the year at Fireman World Games.

We have slowly been rebuilding Les’s technique on all his lifts so this comp was a good chance to see how it was all going.

Les produced a solid 220kg squat, 177.5kg bench and a 265 squat. Overall below his best but good signs we are on the right track.

It’s not often someone bombs completely and you are still o.k. with their performance. Stephen Ramsay in this instance is the exception. His attempts of 260 squat, 140kg bench and 242.5 deadlift at 71kg body weight allowed him the opportunity to test drive his new lifting equipment. This guy has got “Balls” when it comes to pushing the limits and I’m sure by the time this year’s Nationals come around we‘ll have today’s issues well under control.


The Spoils of War

The crowd favourite award went to Adam Kalavrouziotis; this guy left it all on the platform. His deadlift of 195kg was a ripper and his post lift comments a treat for anyone within ear shot.

Shaun Doody was voted as the “best performed”.

A solid performance saw Shaun lift 7 from 9 with a max pull of 270kg on his last deadlift attempt to seal the award.

Now to the business end two entrants that came straight out of left field where Yianni Magoulias and Aaron DeCinque. Man did these boys do well. On their first visit to the platform they finished up 2nd & 3rd respectively.

Aaron weighing in at 86.8kg hit a PB squat of 200kg’s just 5kg off the Australian 90kg divisions, age group record (senior men 24 – 32), then added 5kg to the record books on the bench-press with a clean lift of 175kg, then finished the day with a solid 240kg deadlift. A solid debut effort for 3rd place.

Second place getter Yianni started the day with a 120kg squat then hammered home a 115kg bench & finished with a solid pull of 192,5kg – an extremely good total of 527.5kg at 64.4kg’s body weight.

The winner of this year’s event is also one of the most exciting prospects to emerge in his state for a long time.

Put simple he has the Powerlifting world at his feet if he can stay injury free, maintain his work ethic in the gym and keep the hunger – he will rewrite the record books.

Shannon has been with me for over a year now, in that time we have had to rehab his right shoulder and knee. As frustrating as this has been he has preserved and kept focused.

His aim today was to lift within himself and not miss a lift and boy did he deliver.

He started the day with an effortless 280kg squat, followed by a rapid fire 200kg Bench and finished with a solid 300kg deadlift for a 780kg total at 123kg body weight.

Those watching are all anticipating some huge numbers from Shannon at next month’s state champs.



Thanks to all those that participated, supported and helped out and as usual a big shout-out to the team at Muscleworx for their support of our events.

I urge all members of CAPO & Muscle Pit to support these guys when you can as without them our events wouldn’t be half the fun.


Stay Strong and take Care….