Muscle Pit & Frontline power-house Damien Eyre recently competed in the 2011 Australian Swimming Champs where he collected 6 medals (1 x Gold, 4 x silver, 1 x Bronze) out of the eight events contested. Better still he managed 4 new P.R’s to boot. This after the disaster of 2010 were a good chunk of the year was spent rehabilitating his right shoulder after surgery. Damien contributes a good chunk of his success to Muscle Pit’s FRONTLINE Performance Training course which he used to lay the foundation for his return to the pool.  The direct effects he found were increased strength and muscle endurance. I however put it down to a never say die attitude, a will to push the boundaries and a consistent work effort – just ask any of the Saturday morning crew that work a long side of him.

Below: Muscle Pit’s Damien Ayre at a recnet swim meet