The biggest total of all time on Australian soil of 1035kg’s was recorded at Muscle Pit in Perth by Russian lifter Andrey Malanichev.

Lifting as a guest at the 2011 “Wild West Shoot Out” a very appreciative and supportive crowd of 100 people witnessed this history making day, as the 134kg Russian tank blasted up a 425kg Squat, 230kg Bench & 380kg Deadlift in what can only be described as a truly mind blowing performance.

For the record breaking down Andrey’s total the  425kg squat and 380kg Deadlift were the biggest raw lifts in Australian History as well.

The ease and speed in which these weights were lifted indicated there is plenty more to come from the big man, who is heading to Tasmania for the Wayne Howlett promoted CAPO Powerlifting meet on the 22nd of October.

The intensity and presence he brings to the platform is like nothing I have witnessed. There is an air of anticipation & excitement that envelope’s the crowd each time he moved towards the platform. It is probably the first time I have seen someone applauded finishing their warm up lifts.

While Andrey was in town a select few were fortunate enough to attend his strength seminar which was held the day before. Here he passed on his training experience and covered everything from work ethic, training mind set, technique and his life’s journey to this point.

A lot of what he discussed at his seminar was put on show during this comp and really validated and reinforced his messages.

The man is truly inspirational and like so many true champions I have meet over the years Andrey is modest and very humble.

He and manager Dimitri have been very gracious guests during their Perth leg of his Australian tour which was organised by Muscle Pit’s Henry Day and George Okunev. .

The Crew at Muscle Pit wish them all the best and are very proud to be known as their friends….

Below L toR: Dimitri, Henry Day, Andrey Malanichev