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New Attire at ‘The Pit’

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Digs, threads, rags, gear, flaps, duds…. Whatever the slang for clothes is here is the latest in apparel form ‘The Pit’.  These Muscle Tops will come in one colour… yep, you guessed it BLACK.  As displayed in the picture above the front will be printed in white and the back will have the Muscle Pit…

Advert Article 1

Muscle Pit Advert page. You will have clicked to this page from the ‘Advert Number 1’ link that appears to the right of the blog page.

Novice Comp. FAQ

Sons Of Odin FAQ

Hey Folks, Thanks for showing an interest in WA Powerlifting and Heavy Duty Gym’s first Novice Powerlifting Competition. I thought I’d do a little write up here to hopefully cover a few questions that you may have regarding the Sons Of Odin event and WA Powerlifting. As many of you would know the team at…