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With the smoke and dust well and truly settled I thought I’d put up a quick report on the 2015 Wild West Shootout (WWS0) held recently in Bunbury (10th October 2015).

The Wild West Shootout has now been an annual fixture of West Australian Powerlifting Association (WAPA) calendar since 2010 and was given permanent residence at Dungeon Powerlifting Gym in Bunbury last year (2014), to help support and nurture the sport in the South West District.

The Wild West Shootout is unique as this is the only WAPA competition that uses both the lifters age co-efficiency and body weight co-efficiency to determine the day’s best lifter.

Intertwined into this is a three man team event which makes things pretty exciting during the closing stages as gym pride goes on the line.

This year’s event saw lifters from Heavy Duty in Clarkson and Cannington’s Muscle Pit make the pilgrimage to Bunbury to face off with Dungeon Powerlifting.

With Adam Coe on Emcee duties, Julie Preston and Greg Rawlinson on the scorer’s desk, Brad Humble in head ref position and an abundance of Gat Product (namely Martini & Jet Fuel) supplied by King Sports rep Corey Millar everyone was primed for an explosive day’s lifting.

Women’s Division:

I think all that attended agreed the women were the stars of this shootout with some outstanding performances across the entire field.

Dungeon powerlifting duo of Tegan Draper & Kiara Small put in solid performances across the 3 lifts with Kiara pulling a 5kg PB of 125kg for her last deadlift of the day. The significance of that 5kg was evident when the team scores where finalised – more on that shortly.

Lauren Joyner made a solid debut to the powerlifting circuit and showed enough to hint there is plenty more to come in 2016.

Paige Ngarotata at just 13 years of age and weighing in at 56kg put on an awesome display on the platform. Her 87.5kg squat eclipsing World Teenage champion Amie Coe’s mark of 85kg and her double body weight deadlift of 112.5kg was only 7.5kg off the Australian record held by Sev Anastasiadis.

WAPA representatives at this year’s ProRaw 7 event to be held in Melbourne next month, feeling a little trigger happy decided they needed a little bit of a “blow out”, So it was agreed they would lift “conservatively”…… What proceeded was mind blowing.

Jess Ngarotata lifts of 150kg Squat, 85kg Bench and 180kg Deadlift with a total of 415kg made her lifts easily and will take a lot of confidence into next month’s event. Jess has made solid gains over the past 12months, her work ethic, commitment and consistence is underlined with a can do attitude and she has been a pleasure to have as a training partner.

Similarly for Kat Becker; her 500kg total (which I believe is the first female to go over 500kg Raw in this state) looked effortless. Since joining Muscle Pit Kat has worked diligently on her lifts; especially her Bench and its great seeing the numbers start to move.  Her total at 82.5kg is unofficially a National Record across all federations. There’s not a better buzz than taking a strong lifter who others think are at the peak of their potential and making them stronger.

The third wheel of the ProRaw trio is Monica Cook. Monica has been a consistent performer here in WA for a number of years winning many of the WAPA titles and is rated one of the best kilo for kilo lifters of her era.  Monica hit a solid total of 350kg at 60kg Body weight.  Her highlight was a new PB squat of 130kg.

The Women’s winner list looked like this:

Best Lifter Women’s (based on age & body weight)

1st Monica Cook

2nd Kat Becker

3rd Jess Ngarotata

Heaviest Total Kat Becker 500kg

Men’s Division:

It’s always nice to see the sport growing with new participants finding their way to the platform. This year we had 7 new lifters in the men’s section.

Heavy Duty duet Ryan Buchaner and Zack Grey (both 20 years of age) had a solid start with each totalling just over 600kg.

Rob Storey who has been training alongside Corey Millar at Muscle Pit went 9 from 9 showing solid potential as an 82.5kg lifter thou this boy’s future lies at 100kg.

Knoll brothers Hayden and James representing Dungeon both hit P.B’s in their squats and were solid on their deadlifts.

Heavy Duty boss man Arron Cullimore weighing in at 108kg led from the front with his team with a solid total of 650kg, the highlight a well ground out 260kg Deadlift.

Philip Wilde in prep for ProRaw next month had the brake on all day except for his contributing lift to Dungeon’s team ”Fluffy” where he hoisted a PB bench press of 207.5kg. It will be interesting to see what Phil unleashes at ProRaw this year as the potential this 26 year old has is staggering.

Phil’s younger brother Stuart Wilde after tokening his squat produced a solid bench of 145kg and a very solid deadlift of 272.5kg.

Muscle Pit stalwart Corey Miller who has been fighting injury and a bit of pain since his last outing at “The Sons of Odin” meet in August, produced a solid performance at 79kg body weight. Corey went 215kg Squat, 140kg Bench and 245kg Deadlift.

Dungeon’s Colin Hogan called off the reserve bench at the last moment to help with team numbers always puts in a solid performance. His deadlift of 250kg the best of his lifts.

The most impressive debut I felt in the men’s section belonged to Daniel Macguire. Daniel has come along in leaps & bounds since his initial strength test at Muscle Pit.  Now weighing a solid 135kg his numbers were: 240kg Squat, 170kg Bench and 305kg Deadlift.  Going 9 from 9 in the process, I think a lot of us will be watching on with interest to see how Daniel develops in 2016.

Seasoned competitor Francis Cowan is definitely on the up in this sport and though lifting within himself managed a comfortable 730kg total for 3rd place on formulae.

It was great to see the 172kg monster of a man Matt Van Beunigen (MVB) back on the powerlifting platform doing what he does best – smashing out ridiculously insane squats. More importantly it was great to see him come through this comp unscathed following last year’s quad injury.

Without doubt Matt would be this country’s strongest lifter no one has heard of – unless you’re from West Australia or have been around the sport long enough to have seen a couple of Matt’s brief appearances on the National stage the big MVB is pretty much a well-kept secret.

Hopefully in 2016 we can get Matt over east and get him some much deserved national recognition.

Matt easily set the biggest total of the day with a solid 900Kg total by way of 370kg Squat, 230kg Bench and 300kg Deadlift and on formulae ended up in second place.

With the age co-efficient well and truly now on Henry Day’s side and at a body weight of 104.2kg Henry’s total of 710kg was enough to win out on formulae. Going nine from nine his lifts of 280kg Squat, 180kg Bench & 250kg Deadlift got the job done.

Best Lifter Men’s (based on age & body weight)

1st Henry Day

2nd Matt Van Beunigen

3rd Francis Cowan

 Heaviest Total Matt Van Beunigen – 900kg

Team Division:

7 teams, 3 each from Muscle Pit and Dungeon and one from Heavy Duty squared off with the hope of taking out the prized Paul Jordan Trophy.

To give a bit of an insight into the scoring system each team is made up of 3 lifters with each member preselecting what lift they will contribute to the team’s total (Squat, Bench or Deadlift). To add a twist each team must have a master’s or women’s lifter.  Women get a 30% loading onto their lift and master lifters get the age co-efficient added as well. This final figure is then multiplied by the Glossbrenner body weight co-efficient to give a score.  The 3 scores from each lifter are then added together.  It’s that simple…lol

As you can see if you have a decent Master’s lifter or a decent Women Master’s lifter contributing to your team total it can have a real impact on the score board.

This year’s battle was one of the closest with less than 3 points separating the first two teams.

Going into the last round Dungeon’s team “fuzzy” was in front but still had their women lifter, Kiara Small to compete.  Muscle Pit’s “A Team” was pretty well poised with Henry & Jess putting in solid performances and first timer Daniel Macguire still to come.  Daniel had been pulling some pretty solid numbers in training so the “A Team” new they were in for a chance….  Muscle Pit’s all girl team aptly named “Mon’s Girls” with Monica Cook and Kat Becker leading out had moved into third place with some world class lifting boosted by the 30% loading had young Paige Ngarotata as their anchor.  Heavy Duty had also managed to position themselves with in strike of an upset with Zac Gray’s 220kg Squat and Arron Cullimore’s 170kg Bench (plus age formulae) leaving the opportunity for Ryan Buchaneer to pull something special out in the Deadlift.

Dungeon’s team “Animals” (Francis Cowan, Tegan Draper & Stuart Wilde) and “Swole Team 6” (James Knoll, Colin Hogan, Hayden Knoll) along with Muscle Pit’s “Pit Team One”(Rob Storey, Corey Millar, Lauren Joyner) at this point were too far off the pace to be a threat

After the first flight of Deadlifts completed it became obvious this was going to be a race of two between Dungeon’s “Team Fluffy” and Muscle Pit’s “A Team” with Kiara Small finishing strongly on the deadlift thanks to the advice of Brad Humble who persuaded (pushed or forced….lol) here to take a final lift of 125kg which was a 5kg over her previous best. It was a bit of a gamble as a missed lift here would of definitely handed the “Paul Jordan Trophy” to Muscle Pit.

At this point Heavy Duty had moved clear into a well-deserved third place pipping the all-girl team “Mon’s Angels”.

With Daniel Macguire anchoring Muscle Pit’s “A Team” this was going to be close, his first two lifts of 280kg & 290kg flew up and had him in a good position to have a crack at 300kg plus.

Not knowing exactly how big the gap between “Fluffy” and “A Team” was, 305kg was called to be loaded. As with Daniel’s first two lifts this lift also came up with minimum fuss but was it enough

Sadly for Muscle Pit it wasn’t to be. Once the team scores with allowances and co-efficiency’s had been tabulated it revealed a 3point margin in favour of Dungeon which represented less than 2kilo’s separating them.

So a huge congratulations to “Team Fluffy” on winning the 2015 Wild West Shoot-Out.

As usual a special thanks to all those that spotted, loaded and refed, in particular those that travelled from Clarkson and Cannington solely to just put a bit back into the sport and help out.

A special shout-out of thanks also to Russ Cook for some fantastic photography that can be found here

Look forward to seeing you all next at the Deadliest Deadlift and Bench in Fremantle 22nd of November 2015.

Winning Team: Dungeon’s “Team Fluffy”

2015 WWSO - Team Winners 2