Mat Van Beunigen laid claim as West Australia’s premier bench presser winning his second crown in as many years at the 2012 King of the Beach Benchpress Comp held at the Am-phi Theatre in Scarborough.
He managed to do the job with two clean lifts; an effortless opener of 220kg press set the tone before locking out a solid 240kg on his second attempt.
Mat who has been recovering in recent times from bicep reattachment surgery on his left arm at that point wisely called it a day as there are bigger rewards on offer this year for the Collie Colossus.
With a big season in front of him which may include both the National and World Championships, Mat will be eager to recapture his National Open Raw bench record that currently stands at 250kg set by Queensland’s Alan Kliese who broke Mat’s previous mark of 240kgs at last year’s Nationals.

The women’s section saw WA Fitness Figure Champ, Zoe Tchernakoff cross over to the Powerlifting side of the fence to take first place in her first competition much to the delight of her Selby Gym fan base.
With years of weight training under her belt Zoe has a huge base to work off and has the potential to re-write the record books.
With the winners accounted for, here is how the day and action unfolded…

Rep out Comp:
With all competitors weighed in and paper work completed the show was ready to start bang on the scheduled time of 11.30am.
After a quick explanation of the rules a field of 10 lifters were set to contest the event – A few taking the unconventional logic of using this as a warm up for the main event.
In hind sight it may not have been the best of moves as rep-ping out can deplete a lot of energy and may have been the reason a couple fell a few kilos short of expectation in the main event.
The men were given the task to rep out 100% of their body weight & the Women 50% of their body weight.
Zoe Tchernakoff started proceedings and quickly turned up the heat with a solid 38reps. This gave Zoe a clear cut win in the women’s section.
The men’s section saw some gallant performances with Steve Ramsay pushing out 24 reps at 70Kg to claim 2nd place.
However it was David Clark that won the day & the crowd, which at this point had grown close to 200 viewers, with a piston like motion he rapid fired 41reps at a body weight of 65.5kilos
A remarkable effort made even more so when you consider he is in mid prep dieting for his next body building show.

The Formula
For those that aren’t familiar with how The King of the Beach comp winner is decided, we use the Glossbrenner formula which is basically a body weight coefficient that is applied to each lifters weigh-in weight.
This coefficient is then multiplied by the lifter’s total, this gives a product number which determines who is the “Best Lifter”.

Main Event
These comps often throw up one or two competitors that have volumes of natural potential and I’m glad to say this comp was no different.
The Women’s section saw 4 lifters grace the stage of which three were making their first ever showing at a Powerlifting comp.
As mentioned earlier Zoe Tchernakoff won this division however it was closely contested.
Kahlia Jezek a last minute entry, credited herself well with a lift of 45kgs, just missing out on third place due to her weigh-in weight.
Muscle Pit’s duo of Bree Sturges and Alisha Rawlinson finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Bree’s lift of 52.5kg saw her hit a new P.B by 10kg’s and was a great reward for the training she has put in over the last six months.

On the Mens side of the draw after Mat’s easy opener of 220kg it was always going to be a race for 2nd and 3rd place for the other 20 competitors.
At first glance of the field there were a number of lifters who potentially could do the damage.
Alan Short at 73 years of age has a huge reputation as a dark horse at these comps.
He’s swept the pool many times when age is factored in to the event.
His lift of 120kg at 75kg body weight didn’t quite do it on this day.
A slimmed down Dan Rucci managed a solid 120kg at his new body weight of 81.5kg and hasn’t lost too much strength, if any from his 90kg days.
James Harris looked good on his opener of 165kg but couldn’t get past this on the day.
James looked pretty comfortable under the bar and I feel this comp will be the catalyst for him to go on to bigger and better numbers.
Solid performances were all so seen from Nathan Searle and Aaron DeCimque who both just finished outside the top three.
Crowd favourite David Clarke was probably the unluckiest lifter on the day running into a couple of technical fouls with the refs. Hopefully this doesn’t dampen his spirits because his strength to body weight ratio is phenomenal.
Young Richard Collins is also another lifter on the rise and at 23 has a huge future in front of him.
However it was Gary Bone that captured third place with a solid 175kg bench at 101.8kg body weight.
Second place went to Rajiv Chuckowree.
Rajiv was a late entrant and thou solidly built, he was a bit of a surprise package lifting a solid 175kg at sub 100 body weight. His lift of 180kg on his final attempt, only just fell short.

Perth’s weather gods turned on another fantastic day for this event and I reckon you’d have to travel a long way to find a setting that tops Scarborough’s Am-phi Theatre.
A heap of gratitude goes out to our major sponsors, especially Muscleworx whose generosity with the array of prizes made a great event, just that much more special.
Thanks to M.C’s Ben Taulanga and Adam Coe who kept the crowd informed and attentive all day and also to Ross Semplice for his tireless work over both Saturday and Sunday officiating the weigh in and keeping record of the lifters, lifts on the day.
A huge message of thanks to all of Muscle Pit’s Crew that helped out especially Stephen Ramsay, Lucca Rossi, Corey Millar, Joel McCaughan who attended to the ref duties. Spotter/loader’s Shannon Florissen & Adam Kalavrouziotis who were roped in at the last minute with not a complaint between them.  Also Photographer Gabor Szivek who snapped away during the course of the day and all those that just pitched in where they could or when asked –it’s much appreciated.
Last of all a huge thanks to all the competitors and the 200+ supporters that made their way to Scarborough too check this event out.
Without your patronage these events just wouldn’t happen.
Next Comp is a novice comp on April The 1st (No it’s not a joke), until then stay strong…. Cheers


Mens Winners (L to R) Mat Van Beunigen, Gary Bone, Rajiv Chuckowree

Women Winners (L to R) Alisha Rawlinson, Bree Sturges, Zoe Tchernakoff