Big thanks goes out to George Okunev who organised this event held at the Bentley Tavern to help raise funds for W.A Powerlifting.
The competition was divided into two sections, most reps benching 1.5 x body weight & biggest bench on formula.

Rep-out section
As most lifters know pumping out at 1.5 x bodyweight can be pretty stressful, especially for the heavier competitors. So it wasn’t surprising to see a few entrants pass up the opportunity to compete in this section to save their energy for the biggest bench on formula.
With Dan Macri officiating and resident MC and Powerlifting legend Adam Coe on the mic, 6 stepped up to duel it out.
First up Corey Ettia hit the platform and with 90kg on the bar, “The Piranha” set the standard squeezing out a very solid 10 reps. A great reflection of the work he has put in over the last 18months.
Not fazed Jimmy “Old School” Ambrose, one of Perth most seasoned lifters upped the pace with 12 reps of 110kgs much to the worried looks of the heavier lifters.
117.5kgs was then loaded on to the bar for “The Boss”. Stephen Higgins has been off the Powerlifting seen for a couple of years now however it was obvious he had been spending some of that time under the bar as he powered his way to up the ante to 15 reps.
Corey Millar is a lifter of the future, his training intensity and ethic is second to none and will be a major force over the next couple of years in Powerlifting circles. Aptly nicked named The “Golden Cobra” he took his place on the platform readied himself to strike. With 120kg on the bar Corey proceeded to grind out a unyielding set of 12reps.
Henry Day AKA “The Maestro” was next up and obviously sweating bricks having to make 16 reps for the win. The bar was loaded to 160kg and after Henry’s customary slow negative on the first rep he exploded with a quick fire burst of 15 reps one short of the outright win.
The bar was then loaded to 115kg for the last and heaviest lifter in this section, George Okunev. “The Russian” started with four solid reps before missing the groove and nearly decapitating himself. However thanks to quick reflexes from our spotters disaster was averted and George survives to fight another day.
In the final wash up honours where shared between Stephen “The Boss” Higgins and Henry “The Maestro” Day each with 15 reps.

Biggest Bench on Formula
With the rep out finished the audience’s attention turned to the main event “biggest lift on formula”.
The co-efficient numbers have been researched and developed to enable lighter lifters to compete against heavier lifters on an even playing field.
To give you a quick idea each lifter in this section is assigned a co-efficiency number based on their body weight. The heaviest lift each entrant successfully completes is then multiplied by this number and the winner is the person with the highest number.
First out of the blocks was “The terrorist” Terrence Ruetens in action. This was Terrance’s first comp after injury robbed him of the opportunity in May. The guy has an amazing fighting spirit and always gives a 100%. Today Terrence a little bit, below his best managed a credible 80kg’s.
Ross Semplice, one of Muscle Pit’s newer members was next up blowing up 95kg’s. Once we get that shoulder sorted out and more triceps work under his belt we should see these numbers increase rapidly.
“The Piranha” Corey Ettia was next in line with 110kg after falling short of lockout twice on 125kg’s. This finished off a solid days lifting for Corey.
Following “The Piranha” was Gabor Szivek. “The Great Gab” managed to lock out 147.5 kg’s from his 3 lifts. Gabor is going from strength to strength with his lifting and I’m sure it won’t be to long before he makes his presence felt on the platform.
Just piping “The Great Gab” was Corey Millar and Brad “Humaz” Humble. Both finishing with 150kg next to their names. Brad has been a big supporter of WA Powerlifting thru his company Double Barrel Nutrition so it was good to see him on the platform.
Stephen Higgins then completed 160kg on a fourth attempt which finished the day nicely for him and hopefully has reignited his passion for this sport.
One of Muscle Pits big improvers over the last couple of months has been David “The Law” Lawther he finished here with a PB of 172.5kg and just fell short of the 400 pound mark on his last two attempts.
Next up and in Third place was George Okunev. George who put on this comp struggled in both section to get his lifts going. He missed his first two lifts before composing himself and blasting up a solid 200kg lift.
Henry Day relishing the opportunity to concentrate just on lifting opposed to organising, climbed over George into second place with a lift of 215kg.
Scooping the pool was man mountain, Matt “Motto” VanBeunigan with an easy 240kg’s. It’s always great to see a lifter of Matt’s class at these events.
With the lifting finished most took the opportunity to catch up for a few Beers, a steak and some powerlifting talk.
WA Powerlifting would like to say thank you to all those that helped out and supported on the day to make this fund raiser a great day out. I think we ended up raising $360.00 – Great effort guys.
Special mention of appreciation to our officials on the day Stephen Ramsay on the score board, M.C Adam Coe, spotters: Michael Barry, Matt Hanson, Shannon and Head Ref W.A Strongman Daniel Macri who did a great job.
Also sponsors Double Barrel Nutrition and Scientific Nutrition without these guys the prize pool looks very bare. Remember guys support those that support you. If you’re short on contact details just hit me on 0401579419 and ill hook you up.
Next comp will be held on October 16th 2011, where you will have the opportunity to see one of the world’s biggest raw powerlifters in action….. Andrey Malanichev.